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Why is this community for women only?
There are countless places where men are able and welcome to express their sexualities. This is one for women. We are exclusively for women out of respect for the comfort-levels of our members.

Can I just friend the community rather than joining?
You can, but as it is required for all posts (besides these mod posts) to be "Friends Only", you won't be seeing any of the good stuff, just my rambling!

I have a community related to women's sexuality. Can we be affiliates?
Feel free to leave a comment with a link to the community and a short "mission statement" in the general inquiries post below; if all three mods of this community think it is appopriate, we will add you to the user-info. (As long as you add us to yours, that is).

Can I post a picture of my friend / boyfriend / crush / teacher?
Yes, but not an identifiable one. Please blur their face or otherwise obscure their features. Do not use their full name. "Last week I masturbated to my professor, Professor N." is all that is needed.

Can I post Harry Potter erotic art, or other artwork in which it is unclear how old the fictional participants might be?
Due to 6A's weird random bannings of users lately, we highly advise against it, for the safety of your own account, until the policy is clarified. If you still wish to post artwork, we will not bar you from doing so, but please understand that you do so at your own risk.

Should I give credit to the source of the erotica or images I am showing here?
If you can, then yes, absolutely! Artists and authors should be, wherever possible, credited for their work! A link to the original webpage is nice for other members and considerate to creators, as well.

I am an artist / author whose work has been used here without my permission.
Please email the mods or leave us a note on the general inquiries post, stating whether you would like to have the artwork removed or credit given, and we will make sure it is done!

I think that X image or scenario is inappropriate or offensive.
If the image is posted without a warning, or you would like to have it put behind a cut, politely ask the creator of the post to do so. Otherwise, direct your concerns to the mods, not to the original poster, and we will try to resolve the issue in a way that is satisfactory for both parties. DO NOT HARASS OTHER USERS FOR THEIR TASTE IN MASTURBATORY MATERIAL. EVER.

There's a bit of a heteronormative slant to this community.
Post some lesbians / transvestites / dragqueens / queer stuff! Only YOU can prevent heteronormativity!

I think that X person may be a man / underage / a spy account / a troll / sockpuppet , etc.
Either email or leave a not for the mods in the general inquiries post. Comments are screened, so no need to worry about being found out. We will investigate your claim, and if there is a problem, we'll deal with it as best we can.

I'd like to post anonymously in the community rather than using my account.
Please use the "Posting as Anonymous" post. Leave a comment (comments will be screened) with your formatted post and a mod will post it in the community for you. In order to allow your html to show for us to copy and paste, please put a space or asterisk in your html codes for us. We remove the asterisks when we post, and voila!

Can I advertise my rating community or make "Add me" posts here?
No. Never. Never ever.

I have a question that hasn't been addressed here.
General Inquiries post. :)

Why "Nice Ladies Don't"?
Because we're cheeky like that.


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Aug. 17th, 2007 05:27 am (UTC)
I think heddychaa is a government spy.
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Nice Ladies Don't


Can't help but giggle at the scenario you concocted for yourself last night? Want to share some particularly sexy erotica or pornography? Delighted by a certain celebrity or person in your life? If you masturbated to it in recent or not-so-recent memory, tell us about it here!

This isn't a community to discuss sex toys or techniques, but to discuss the emotionally and intellectually stimulating aspects of female masturbation. Whether it is an author you want to share, or a story you're particularly proud of dreaming up, or just a funny thing that got you off recently, feel free to post and discuss your fantasies!

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