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Nice Ladies Don't

Flights of Fancy and Fantasies

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Ladies on livejournal share what they're masturbating to.
Welcome to "Nice Ladies Don't", the community all about women masturbating!

Can't help but giggle at the scenario you concocted for yourself last night? Want to share some particularly sexy erotica or pornography? Delighted by a certain celebrity or person in your life? If you masturbated to it in recent or not-so-recent memory, tell us about it here!

This isn't a community to discuss sex toys or techniques, but to discuss the emotionally and intellectually stimulating aspects of female masturbation. Whether it is an author you want to share, or a story you're particularly proud of dreaming up, or just a funny thing that got you off recently, feel free to post and discuss your fantasies!

A few rules:
- This is a community for women only. We are, however, trans and intersex inclusive, so if you IDENTIFY as a woman, you are welcome to participate, regardless of what genitalia you have or may have had in the past. New members will be screened as to their gender, so make sure you have it listed in your info.
- Because there will likely be pornography in this community, you must be over 18. That info must be listed in your profile as well.
- All posts must be friends only, no exceptions.
- If it is not work safe, please put it under a cut.
- We do not require that you put every image or section of text under a cut, as long as it is not pornographic in nature, but do be respectful of your fellow members and if someone asks you to cut an image or section of text, please cooperate!
- This community is for all sexualities. If you are a woman and you masturbated to it, it is valid, no matter what gender the subject of your fantasy is.
- Legal pornography ONLY. No child pornography, no bestiality, PERIOD. As for other acts which are variously legal or illegal in certain areas, go ahead and post, and whether the post remains will be at the discretion of the mods. If you're not sure, ask! Just because something is technically illegal in a certain area does not mean that it is across the bar immoral: for example, pornography featuring female ejaculation is illegal in BC, and god knows there's nothing immoral about that!
- If you have masturbated to a person who is not a well-known celebrity: for example, a friend, boyfriend, teacher, etc. and are planning on posting their picture, please take appropriate precautions to disguise their identity. A bar across the eyes or pixellating their face is sufficient.
- We are not here to judge your fetishes, but please warn if what you are describing or linking to is likely to be offensive to some: ie. rape fantasy (with emphasis on the FANTASY), heavy bondage, bloodplay, infantilism, furry art, etc. Use your common sense on what might be offensive or triggering to others. It does not mean that your fetish is immoral, only that it is not something within the comfort level of the entire group. Be considerate.
- As a corollary to this: if something that "squicks you out" or otherwise disturbs you is posted without a warning, you have the right to request that it be put under a cut with an appropriate warning. If, however, it IS posted with the proper warnings etc, you do NOT have the right to whine or judge the person posting it. We want women of all interests to feel welcome, within, of course, the bounds of legality. If the actors or participants are consenting adults (even if they are *faking* non-consent) the post will be deemed acceptable. Simply scroll past things that you are not interested in.
- As a second corollary, this is not the place for pro- or anti- pornography debates. There are compelling arguments on both sides, and if you would like to participate in that discussion, there are communities for it elsewhere. If Mary-Anne got off to a Jenna Jameson scene two nights ago, that's well within her rights. She is not here to be lectured about the pitfalls of the American pornographic industry.
- This is a sex positive and inclusive community. Above all things, be respectful, open-minded and have fun! The more inclusive you are to others, the more empowered you will feel to tell your own secrets, and the more entertaining, titillating and outright hilarious this community will become.

Posting guidelines:
- If you feel comfortable, go right ahead and preface your posts with a little introduction of yourself or how you ended up in your situation. If you'd rather not, don't feel like you have to. If you make a post with nothing but a hot picture, nobody will question it.
- BE SPECIFIC. If you, for example, masturbated to Johnny Depp two nights ago, don't just say "I masturbated to Johnny Depp". If you masturbated to the picture of him in the bathtub, post the picture of him in the bathtub. If you masturbated to that scene in "From Hell" where he pushes the prostitute up against the wall and kisses her, either find a youtube link of the scene, or describe the scene specifically. If you fantasized about happening upon Johnny Depp in a restaurant and winding up in his limo. . . well. . . tell us all about it!
- If you masturbated to a longer work of erotica, feel free to post a tasty excerpt and then link the rest of the text for everyone to enjoy.
- Yes, fandom erotica and recommendations are fine.
- If you would like to submit something anonymously, you may use the email above to send your formatted post to a mod, who will post it on your behalf with the subject line "Anonymous poster".

Your lovely mods: HeatherMonika

So what are you waiting for, ladies? What got you off the other night?